Dome City


Armored solar power panels power the completely enclosed city. In the ground, barriers as well as patrolled tunnel systems keep visitors out. The gates are closed to visitors except from 9am-11am and 4pm-6pm. It can take up to two days to actually get into the city, depending on traffic and if you have the proper authorizations or not. Various passes include Citizen, Visitor, Market, and Imperial. If you do not possess paperwork upon your first attempt to enter the city, you will be processed and put back outside the city. Paperwork can be picked up 24 hours after application.

The Dome City was the first major construction project after The End, and is the only complete one, to date.


The City

There is no real sunlight, however a gradual lighting system allows for artificial sunlight to act normally. Climate is controlled, and it never rains or snows in the city. There is a large greenhouse district where many occupants work. Most goods are made inside of the city in factories, but the central Market Square allows traveling traders to sell their foreign goods (after thorough inspection). The market lasts from 11am to 4pm.

The citizens all live in fairly identical buildings, with little variance. Some are connected by tubes. The design was completely for efficiency and space-saving. The streets are all brick. No vehicles are allowed on the streets, except for authoritative purposes. Wagons are allowed for traders.

The governmental district is slightly nicer, though still fairly efficient. It is small, as only the highest of vampirical leaders are allowed to reside here. It is walled, and has a private greenhouse.

The People

Vampires rule this city. (more later)

While everyone has to live with vampires, not everyone likes it. There is an underground movement to overthrow the vampires and replace them with ‘pure’ human rulers. This group calls themselves the


Dome City

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