House Rules


Most of the survivors are going to be above 20-25 years of age. It makes sense for most to have been somewhat young when The End happened, but most humans that were not old enough nor strong enough to be able to fight for themselves or hide from those who wished them harm were either killed or forced into slavery. Most were killed.


Mages find it rather hard to exist in this new world. Books to study from are mostly destroyed. If you would like to work out circumstances I can agree with for your character to be a mage, I am willing to hear.

Races — Allowed

Humans* (see Mages)


I am hesitant to worry too much about radiation in-game, though it may come up at times. For now, though, we will remain in areas generally unaffected by radiation. Yes, nuclear power was definitely used in the wars, but not everywhere.


Most humans who were 16 and under became slaves when The End came to humanity. They are older now, and some children are now being born into slavery. While some may eventually earn freedom (given to them by their owners freely, or taken when they had the chance to escape), most have a rather hopeless situation. But, since they were taken at such a young age, this lifestyle is somewhat welcome among slaves. Most are treated decently, in that they are given food, shelter, and protection to a certain extent. Though some owners are not so nice.

Slavery — Owning a Slave

If your character owns a slave rather than having a retainer, I will require you to roll for morality every time you give them any commands that seem somewhat extreme. For example, commanding them to aid you in battle will require a roll. Anything endangering them will. Also, if you are challenged openly in game about having a slave, you will have to roll to keep your morality if your character still decides to keep their slave. Slave loyalty will be determined by dice roll upon creation (unless otherwise discussed with Cole). Just remember that a slave is not a retainer. They are someone whose life you own, they are not normally a friend of yours or loyal to you because you saved their life etc. If you want to have that storyline with them, I would suggest creating them as a retainer. (Slaves require a seperate character sheet) (All Slaves must be Human Only)

Supernatural Characters

At the start, it will be up to the players to decide whether or not the species of their supernatural character is known or not. However, upon using any special ability in front of the group, it will automatically reveal to a certain extent what they are. Questions will certainly be raised. However, I think that this is fun! Please note, Changelings still have a mask that other humans will always see, just as is written in the core book. A skilled Changeling could hide their true identity for a long time if they wanted to.


Virtues and Vices will be hidden to other players in the game. Please do not share these with the other players!


While most weaponry is still somewhat available, guns and ammo are becoming much more difficult to readily get your hands on. Those still exist who know how to maintain a gun properly, as well as those who know how to make ammo or have hordes of it they sell at whatever price they want. But with constant warring between nations for the past 11 years, supplies have significantly decreased. Similarly, as many of the ‘supernatural’ species are coming out of the proverbial closet, they are quite taken with being able to more or less openly utilize their special abilities.

House Rules

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